• Your big time burger…

    Published at 13/01/2016


    A 24 - hours burger bar, offering value for money, tasty products and street food convenience, while targeting multiple consumer segments. HOT HOT BURGER BAR is ideal for any time of the day and every mood! Whether for lunch, dinner or a quick meal late at a night out, this is the new talk-of-the- town spot! The development of the chain in Greece is a real success story. HOT HOT BURGER BAR ope...

  • Published at 28/04/2015


  • Estrella Thessaloniki: World street food

    Published at 01/04/2015


    Estrella first grabbed the Greek headlines thanks to "Bougatsan", wich combines the creamy filling of Thessaloniki's favourite sweet snack, the bougatsa, with a flakey croissant pastry. Estrella has since started cooperating with thw classic Hatzifotiou pastry chain while continuing to serve great brunch dishes including pizza with pancetta, bagels with a host of delicious fillings and smoothie...

  • CINNABON: first store in Albania with the support of THE FRANCHISE CO.

    Published at 15/09/2014


    CINNABON opened the first store in Albania. CINNABON is famous for rolls with the characteristic aroma of cinnamon. Contributed to the success is THE FRANCHISE CO. the largest and most specialized consulting company on franchising and network development ..

  • Published at 04/09/2014


  • Published at 09/04/2014


  • Published at 15/04/2013


  • ANNA MARIA MAZARAKI – Affordable luxury

    Published at 16/01/2013


    Like practically every jeweler in the world, ANNA-MARIA MAZARAKI started out designing jewelry for herself and for her close friends. However, her passion and enthusiasm for luxury jewellery helped her turn her hobby into a viable and promising business. In 2000, Anna-Maria Mazaraki and her husband Ion Rempoutzakos decided to put in use their extensive knowledge in ready to wear jewellery and ...

  • Published at 17/07/2012

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  • Palmie bistro-Cyprus Airways: New strategic partnership

    Published at 04/05/2012

    On March 8th,  Palmie bistro chain launches a new- '’overhead'' this time-cooperation with Cyprus Airways, offering everyday a meal for two people, on each flight!More specifically, during the whole period from the 8th of March 2012 till the 30th of April 2012, for every single of the 3 flights which take place daily from Larnaca to Athens, a dinner for two people will be determined by lot, mea...