THE FRANCHISE CO. is the largest and most experienced consulting company in the field of Franchising and Network Development in Greece.

With highly experienced personnel, years of international experience, valuable know-how, strong network support and long-lasting collaborations with internationally renowned organizations, THE FRANCHISE CO. is offering comprehensive advice and developmental solutions, tailored to the customers’ needs aiming at the effective and rapid expansion and growth of their network.



Before the beginning of operation of the pilot store

  • Feasibility Study for franchise development. Terms and Conditions
  • Feasibility Assessment Process
  • Alternative development strategies
  • Business Plan for Franchise System Development
  • Strategy planning
  • Integrated Company Diagnosis
  • Strategy Development Process
  • Marketing Planning and Implementation
  • Redesign of Business Procedures
  • Organization of mechanisms and procedures for network development and support
  • Financial Planning
  • Funding for venture capital
  • Evaluation and redesign of storage and distribution system/ evaluation of suppliers
  • Pricing Policy
  • Quantitative/ Qualitative market and competition research, satisfaction of customers, Retail Network Analysis
  • Determination and Improvement of the concept. Market Positioning
  • Determination of Product mix by type and channel
  • Panning and Improvement of Brand Image
  • Evaluation of Brand Image and Brand Equity
  • Brand Optimization Process
  • Retail Optimization
  • Store Design
  • Designing of a complete development plan
  • Determination of financial parameters of the Franchise System
  • Analysis of Human Resources needs and selection process


THE FRANCHISE CO., with 25 years’ experience in international development franchise chains in conjunction with the IFCN, the largest international franchise network of consultants, provides comprehensive support services and franchise development systems aimed at the successful expansion in international markets.

  • Strategic planning for network development in international markets
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Development Strategies
  • Set Priorities
  • Market Research by country
  • Explore the factors that modulate the target market
  • Analysis of the company's profitability margins in the target market
  • Business Plan development by country
  • Specialized design for development of the company according to the particularities of each market
  • Evaluation of the Master Franchise rights
  • Preparation and Evaluation of Master Franchise agreements
  • Design and implementation of infrastructure development
  • Support for finding the right master franchisee
  • Custom franchise system by country
  • Network Development – subfranchise


Franchise evaluation of proposals

  • Franchisee candidate profile analysis
  • Evaluation of the proposed franchise to its suitability for self-employment within the franchise system
  • Research, Evaluation and Selection of alternative franchise systems
  • Objective information about the institution of franchising and developments in Greece and abroad
  • Explore Alternative Investment Options
  • Development of New Business Options
  • Explore Master Franchise Entry from the International Franchise Market

Financing - Grants

  • Grants - Integration into investment projects – edit , submission and approval of the grant file
  • Financial planning customized to the needs and to business plan of the franchisee candidate
  • Alternative Funding Source
  • Equipment Financing - Leasing

Financial evaluation of a new franchise store

  • Business Plan
  • Operating profit in 5 years horizon
  • Cost - Market Analysis
  • Cash flow - upfront investment required
  • Financial plan
  • Working capital
  • Breakeven Point
  • Payback period
  • Benchmarking investment

Legal support

  • Legal and Business Guidance
  • Relation analysis between franchisor - franchisee and adjusting the legal framework
  • Financial terms of cooperation
  • Appraisal rights – obligations
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Ensure Surplus Value

Real estate

  • Region Assessment
  • Consulting Services in Region Selection
  • Site Location Analysis – Retail Audit
  • Purchase, Rental, Leasing

Franchisees training

  • Human Resources Training
  • Technical customer service
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Entrepreneurship and family business

Franchise resales

  • Economic evaluation
  • Comparative Analysis - Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Negotiations
  • Legal Support
  • Phase Transition Management



  • Strategy and Business Planning
  • Business reorganization
  • Organizational and Operational Planning
  • Techno- economic Studies
  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial Planning
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Promotion
  • Retail Optimization Procedures
  • Change Management
  • Human Resources Management