• Published at 22/06/2015


  • Estrella Thessaloniki: World street food

    Published at 01/04/2015


    Estrella first grabbed the Greek headlines thanks to "Bougatsan", wich combines the creamy filling of Thessaloniki's favourite sweet snack, the bougatsa, with a flakey croissant pastry. Estrella has since started cooperating with thw classic Hatzifotiou pastry chain while continuing to serve great brunch dishes including pizza with pancetta, bagels with a host of delicious fillings and smoothie...

  • Published at 15/04/2013


  • ANNA MARIA MAZARAKI – Affordable luxury

    Published at 16/01/2013


    Like practically every jeweler in the world, ANNA-MARIA MAZARAKI started out designing jewelry for herself and for her close friends. However, her passion and enthusiasm for luxury jewellery helped her turn her hobby into a viable and promising business. In 2000, Anna-Maria Mazaraki and her husband Ion Rempoutzakos decided to put in use their extensive knowledge in ready to wear jewellery and ...

  • Published at 20/07/2012

  • Published at 17/07/2012

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  • Hygiene Service- high quality and innovative products

    Published at 08/05/2012

    Small_hygiene service προϊόντα

    Hygiene Service entered the Greek market in 2002 and up to now is the largest Greek Company in hygiene service area. The company invested on research and development of new products, moulds and dispenser’s production with great manufacturing industries plus, formula development of sanitizing and air freshener products in cooperation with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Pasteur Institutio...

  • Palmie bistro- «Quality- reasonable prices- great aesthetics»

    Published at 08/05/2012

    Small_palmie bistro στη Συγγρού

    Palmie bistro has been involved in the mass catering and leisure sector since 1966, flaunting from the very beginning a steady and continuous development, sticking always to the values of the triptych «Quality- reasonable prices- great aesthetics»  With a strong faith to quality and a customer-focused approach as well as with solid and effective steps, Palmie bistro represents all these elemen...

  • CARTRIDGE WORLD- A profitable investment As Master Franchise

    Published at 02/05/2012


    Refilling printer cartridges - A booming industry Over the past few years, refilling printer cartridges has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And when you look at the facts, it’s easy to understand why. Information technology has taken the world by a storm. Anyone and everyone in the advanced world has a computer for their business and their home. Computers need printe...

  • FRANCHISE SUCCESS The way for successful expansion

    Published at 05/04/2012


    FRANCHISE SUCCESS is the first Greek franchise magazine since 1998 and constitutes the portal to the Greek franchise market.  It addresses franchisees, franchisors and most types of networks. Through the magazine (4 issues per year and one annual edition, PANORAMA FRANCHISE), the web site: www.franchise-success.gr and the portal:  www.franchiseportal.gr, FRANCHISE SUCCESS is the most reliable ...