Like practically every jeweler in the world, ANNA-MARIA MAZARAKI started out designing jewelry for herself and for her close friends. However, her passion and enthusiasm for luxury jewellery helped her turn her hobby into a viable and promising business.

In 2000, Anna-Maria Mazaraki and her husband Ion Rempoutzakos decided to put in use their extensive knowledge in ready to wear jewellery and to create their own brand "ANNA-MARIA MAZARAKI: Silver and Gold". Starting out with one store in 2000, the company gradually expanded to 10 stores – 9 in Greece and 1 in Cyprus, successfully building the reputation of a very serious contender in the jewellery, accessory and gift market. Today, ANNA MARIA MAZARAKI represents "affordable luxury" with a very strong fashion statement.


  • Each year, the company produces more than 6.000 designs which often renew to the stores, reinforcing the uniqueness of the jewels.
  • ANNA-MARIA MAZARAKI offers jewels of great quality at affordable prices, reciprocating the customers demand for value for money products.
  • The stores are strategically located in metropolitan areas, shopping malls and highly commercial markets in order to effectively reach the broader possible target-audience and communicate the brand
  • ANNA MARIA MAZARAKI stores’ have created a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, making it easy for the customer to enter, without feeling incriminated or obliged to buy something
  • Stores are pretty open with big window displays and large showcases, allowing passengers to admire the stylish designs, easily navigate in store and spend time to explore the wide and luxury product-line
  • The company takes up sound online communication and places ad-entries in popular fashion magazines, to strengthen the brand’s awareness and further develop the loyal customer community

ANNA-MARIA MAZARAKI Franchise System offers a range of additional benefits for the Franchisee:

  • Unique and highly marketable products
  • Complete product line that is often renewed according to fashion trends, allowing for stock minimization
  • Jewelry and fashion expertise
  • Initial training and ongoing support in management and sales
  • An easy to learn, manage & grow business model
  • Support in store location, design, preparation and opening process
  • Marketing & communication techniques and manuals
  • Peer supporting environment
  • The opportunity to dominate a rapidly-growing market

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