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Since its establishment in 1967, Media Strom has associated its name with ground-breaking innovations and exclusive sleep products. Our commitment to develop our expertise and adopt new materials, new technologies and production methods, that protect the environment and the quality of sleep, changed the market and gave Media Strom a leading position in the mattress industry in Greece; today, we feel proud that over 2.500.000 people wake up smiling every morning on a Media Strom mattress!

The manufacturing superiority, dynamics, entrepreneurship and healthy development of Media Strom are verified by the construction of its new state-of-the-art factory, one of the most sophisticated worldwide that extends in an area of  18.000 sq.m. and its productive capacity can guarantee immediate delivery of all possible dimensions!

Therefore, the next big challenge for this 100% Greek company, that has offered top quality sleep to 3 generations so far, is its penetration in foreign markets,  so it can also offer its unrivalled products and services outside the Greek borders, making thus Media Strom, an international player and a recognizable brand!

In this context, MEDIA STROM has participated in the exhibition Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan from 17-22 April 2012, where it exhibited its high quality mattress range and the upholstered beds, along with the necessary complementary products (pillows, toppers, duvets, reclining beds, spring foundations,  etc) that all together create a perfect and complete sleep system!

 Media Strom has already opened a franchisee store in Prague; it exports to Cyprus and is currently looking for sales representatives in the following countries:  Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, U.K., Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, UAE, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, USA, Japan, Korea, India and China.

For more information, please, contact us at exports@mediastrom.gr or franchise@mediastrom.gr  Web: www.mediastrom.gr


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