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  • Tel.
  • 210 6756200
  • Fax
  • 210 6752864
  • Website
  • www.hothot.gr
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Description of system

HOT HOT BURGER BAR is a dynamic, growing retail chain that offers real gourmet burgers through a unique rock & roll customer experience!

UNIQUE CONCEPT: A 24 - hours burger bar, offering value for money, tasty products and street food convenience, while targeting multiple consumer segments. Ideal for any time of the day and every mood! Whether for lunch, dinner or a quick meal late at a night out, this is the new talk-of-the- town spot!

Casual atmosphere and unique rock & roll atmospherics of the 50s and 60s decades invite customers to “taste” the difference of the ΗΟΤ HOT BURGER BAR experience.

Ηook Radio WORLD CLASS ROCK plays loud rock and roll, exclusively for the ΗΟΤ HOT BURGER BAR stores!

Flavors, aromas, colors, music and images captivate all the senses, offering an unsurpassed experience!

Company history

STRONG, SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: The development of the chain in Greece is a real success story. HOT HOT BURGER BAR opened its  first store in 2012. Following a rapidly expanding strategy,  the chain consists today of 12 stores!

Target Group

žThe fastest-growing brand in the steadily growing fast casual category: Many customers crave better taste & atmosphere than street food concepts, but they want value too.  HOT HOT BURGER BAR  franchise offers a way to capitalize on this strong demand with a proven system for success.

Network News

Your big time burger…


A 24 - hours burger bar, offering value for money, tasty products and street food convenience, while targeting multiple consumer segments. HOT HOT BURGER BAR is ideal for any time of the day and ev...


Financial infos

Important infos

  • Franchise packet
  • With 3 different profit centers available (Sit in, take away or delivery) and 24-hour operations is there for customers while maximizing profitability for partners!

    With an analytical business plan & a strong management team,  have created systems to assist the partners in managing effectively their own business.

    • žTerritory exclusivity ž
    • Support on real estate selection & lease negotiation ž
    • Designing your HOT HOT BURGER BAR ž
    • Equipment order guidance ž
    • Continuous product development by our executive chefs ž
    • Aggressive Marketing Campaigns ž
    • Extensive Training  in all aspects of  daily operations ž
    • Fully Updated Operation Manuals ž
    • Access to formulas and operating systems
    • Ongoing support to maximize the effectiveness of your business
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Not Required
  • Self-employment
  • Not Required

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100 - 102 Papanikoli Str., 152 32 Halandri
Tel: +30 210 6752868 Fax: +30 210 6752864 e-mail: info@franchiseingreece.gr
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