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Contact infos

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Kritiou 25, Ν. Kosmos, 11744
  • Tel.
  • 212 1009179
  • Fax
  • 212 1009179
  • Email
  • athens@ticket-com.com
  • Website
  • www.ticket-com.com
  • Managing director
  • Alexandra Antipa
  • Directror of development
  • Alexandra Antipa, Michael Loukissas

Description of system

The Ticket Com concept joins together distributors (supermarket and other retailers), advertisers, and consumers who benefit from brand awareness campaigns, product launches, site openings, coupons, and other sales promotions that offer substantial savings and drive results. Ticket Com provides a comprehensive service that allows tremendous flexibility in the domain of advertising and marketing.

With a turnover of nearly 18,550 euros in the first year, the Ticket Com network exceeded 19 million euros last year. This is a real success story since, in the span of 15 years, over 95 franchised partners and over 900 supermarket and hypermarket partners have placed their trust in us.

Ticket Com's service has been adopted by hundreds of distributors because they directly benefit from free rolls, and they secure store customer' loyalty, who benefit from various promotional offerings. The service also reinforces distributors' ties with local small business.

Ticket Com has solidly established itself and implemented a strong network on a multinational scale.

Financial infos

  • Space needs
  • 0 εως 0 τ.μ.
  • Total investment
  • €8,000 εως €15,000
  • Initial entry fee
  • €8,000 εως €15,000
  • Royalties
  • 8%
  • Advertising Involvement
  • Free
  • Availability for financing
  • Not provided

Important infos

  • Company foundation / First franchising
  • 1998 / 2000
  • Country of origin
  • Franchise packet
    • A limited Investment: Opening a Ticket Com franchise doesn't involve any stock, inventory, premises or staff
    • A Strong Profitability: With a gross margin of up to 65%, securing a few clients is all that’s needed to earn a return on your initial investment.
    • An Efficient Franchise: Assistance is provided through all phases of the business. Administrative, commercial, ad creation, production, animation, etc
    • A Commercial Method: Every aspect of the company's work is orientated towards our advertising clients, the development of their turnover and thus their loyalty. Our client loyalty reaches over 90% in some business sectors.
    • A Rewarding Job
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Not Required
  • Self-employment
  • Required
  • Franchise Contract
  • 5 year contract/ renew
  • Development Planning
  • Attica, Peloponnese, Hipiros
  • Internation expansion
  • Europe, America

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100 - 102 Papanikoli Str., 152 32 Halandri
Tel: +30 210 6752868 Fax: +30 210 6752864 e-mail: info@franchiseingreece.gr
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