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Contact infos

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Gennaiou Kolokotroni 79, Α. Petralona 118 52 Athens
  • Tel.
  • +30 210 9590349/+30 6955182981
  • Fax
  • +30 210 9590856
  • Email
  • info@ziopeppe.gr
  • Website
  • www.ziopeppe.gr
  • Managing director
  • Apostolos Theodoropoulos
  • Directror of development
  • Eustratios Ververis

Description of system

The name itself is enough to indicate the diversity of the growing chain "ZIO PEPPE Pizza al metro".

This innovation concerns the capability of the client to choose and enjoy when he wishes ,the taste of the fresh baked pizza he desires but most of all at the quantity he wants.

The above capability combined with the high quality of raw materials  and the fact that all our ingredients are fresh(the preparation takes place inside the outlet), had as a result the ultimate acceptance of our product in a large variety of consumers.

Company history

Everything started in Rhodes island in 1996, when for the first time Theodoropoulos family utilizing the experience and expertise  of  many years in the original Italian pizza, presented in the local market the innovation of  pizza al metro .

In 1998 and after  the big interest of private investors to  adopt the idea of  ZIO PEPPE Pizza al metro, the company gets organized and starts its growth through the franchise method.

Meanwhile, the variety of  our products is enriched (Pizza-Focaccia-Panini-Pasta-Calzone-Bruschetta).

In the year 2000 the company makes its first big step and opens its first outlet in Athens. The wide acceptance of  the customers and consumers of  Pizza al metro and specifically in the taste of our products , made it a huge success.

In the early  2003 “ZIO PEPPE” makes one more step. This time outside the Greek borders. At Tirana , the capital of  Albania, the first ZIO PEPPE  store opens its doors , when after a few months  a second store opens its doors. Until today this idea has only positive samples  in a tough but with lots of potential market.

Meanwhile, the company transfers its base in the city of Athens, targeting this specific market but mostly in order to serve better the people of the company’s  network and candidate investors





Financial infos

  • Space needs
  • 40 τ.μ.
  • Total investment
  • €55,000
  • Royalties
  • 5%

Important infos

  • Company foundation / First franchising
  • 1996 / 1998
  • Country of origin
  • Greece
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Not Required
  • Self-employment
  • Not Required
  • Franchise Contract
  • 6 years contract with 3 years renewal
  • Development Planning
  • Attica, Evoia, Peloponnese, Crete, N. Greece
  • Internation expansion
  • 3 existing shops in Albania, expansion in Balkans and Cyprus

Stay informed

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100 - 102 Papanikoli Str., 152 32 Halandri
Tel: +30 210 6752868 Fax: +30 210 6752864 e-mail: info@franchiseingreece.gr
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